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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Home or South America?

Gales, rain and even the threat of snow - ideal flying weather.
Robin is en route for Heathrow and then has to transfer to Manchester.
He nearly wasn't though.

This highlights the unpredictable nature of life as a musician.
Early evening yesterday I had a call from Robin as he waited in Los Angeles airport.
Our London agent had 'phoned asking if he could divert Robin to South America.
Now, I don't know about other musicians diary keeping, but back in December Chris Foley ran a poll on the methods used to keep track of concerts, rehearsals etc. You can read it here.

We couldn't contribute to the poll as the category we use, wasn't available. That is of course - me.
Robin's reply to the agent was therefore, "I'm not sure, I think I've something on, you'll have to call Anna."
Which he did.
I then had a frantic few minutes as I tried to work out if Robin could in fact stay away for another week and go onto South America, before travelling back to North America for a pre arranged concert.
The diary was packed.

When Robin is home I have to fit in any appointments he needs which results in a rather busy time. All of these could have been rearranged, but some were important.
In the near future Robin has a trip to a rather exotic country which requires extra travel protection, ie, Malaria tablets.
If he didn't collect them next week he wouldn't be here long enough to start the course before the trip in March....
Even that is solvable. I could have arranged for the relevant medication to be forwarded to a port somewhere and collected by Robin whilst on his travels.

But then I realised that one date couldn't be changed.
A private performance at the weekend which has been organised for a long time.
We don't like to let anyone down, so, I had to say no to South America.
You have to remember that all this was going through my mind in seconds, as I scanned the diary, with the agent on the 'phone waiting for an answer. It was obviously hectic at his end as he tried to resolve the problem.
Normally, like most musicians, Robin always accepts work, even if it requires some reorganisation. But on this occasion it wasn't possible.

Meanwhile I had an image of Robin, waiting patiently at Los Angeles airport, unsure if he was to catch a flight to Heathrow, and then home, or, South America, which ultimatly would have resulted in a total of 5 1/2 weeks away.
As soon as I'd realised he couldn't do it, and confirmed this with the agent, I called Robin.

The temptation for a practical joke was just too great.
I have after all been on the receiving end of many.
"You're going to South America but they are flying you home for the weekend, then back again...."
"Only joking!"

At the time of writing Robin has arrived at Heathrow and we are now waiting to see if he gets through all the security checks in time to make his connecing flight.
I'll let you know - tomorrow.

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