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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

'Jazz Name Dropper' a poem by Robin Hill

Jazz has always featured strongly in our lives and its influence can be heard in much of Robin's music.
He also loves poetry and often writes a few verses when the mood takes him.
I was therefore not surprised when, 'Jazz Name Dropper', was passed on to me.
Apparently, for some unknown reason, at the time of writing the whole passage was conceived in a gentle Welsh lilt...

Jazz Name Dropper

I had a beer with Chick Corea
Played a shaker for Chet Baker
Had several binges with Charlie Mingus
Strolled in the park with Stanley Clarke
Bought pizzas and ate ‘em with old Art Tatum
Met the wife, Mavis, through Miles Davis
Sailed in a vessel with Barney Kessel
Received a personal cheque from Dave Brubeck
Was dubbed ‘glorious’ by Jaco Pastorius
Walked across Turin with Flora Purim
Played jazz-rock with Herb Hancock
Lived down the lane from John Coltrane
Appeared on telly with Stephane Grappelli
But I never met Django Reinhardt.....(I did however meet his son, Babik).

Robin Hill - 2013