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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Illegal Download Blues & 38459 - New tracks by Robin Hill

These newly-released tracks represent a very different facet of Robin's eclectic musical personality (he's singing and playing electric guitar and keyboard on these!)
For many years Robin has been associated with the world of classical music but he has in fact played and sung in many bands, and worked as a session musician with some of the finest around.

It was a simple dinner party that provided the catalyst for Robin to return to his rock and blues roots.
When the conversation touched on illegal downloads of music and films, Robin, as the only musician present, felt he had to voice his opinions and stand his corner.
He quoted Pete Townshend's thoughts on the subject, "If you illegally download my music you might as well come round to my house and steal my kid's bike."
He also made the very salient point that other people are making money from illegal downloads.

He thought his feelings could be most articulately, and appropriately, expressed via the blues...hence "Illegal Download Blues" a slightly tongue in cheek but, nevertheless, emotional and heartfelt song...

Having written this track he decided it would be an interesting and enjoyable challenge to record a whole album of songs...the next to appear was "38459" a funky kind of rock song.
Many more are now in the pipeline and an album will surely follow.......

As it says at the end of the video, "This track is dedicated to the creative industries everywhere whose livelihoods are diminished by piracy."

Both tracks are now available from iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and many other digital outlets.

Enjoy the video for, 'Illegal Download Blues,'then have a listen to, '38459', you have to hear Vanessa Haynes on backing vocals...