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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hill/Wiltschinsky Duo - Soler Sonatas

It is an exciting day as The Hill/Wiltschinsky Guitar Duo have released a new CD!
11 Tracks, and all of them are Soler Sonatas.

As a taster I have put the entire track of, 'Sonata No 43 - Allegro' as the first piece on the player in the side bar.

For previews of all the tracks you can visit: 'Hill/Wiltschinsky Duo Soler Sonatas'

Here is a little about the recording:

Antonio Soler (1729-1783)

Antonio Francisco Javier Jose Soler was born in Olat, Gerona in 1729 and was a celebrated composer and organist. He is frequently compared to Domenico Scarlatti, (particularly as at one point he studied with Scarlatti), but Soler’s keyboard sonatas can often be more varied in form than those of Scarlatti.

His musical career started at an early age, when he entered the choir school at Montserrat in 1736.
By 1750 Soler had become maestro de capilla at Lerida and in 1752 was ordained and joined the Escorial community of Jeronymite monks.
It was at this time that he wrote the, ‘Llave de la modulacion’, (Key to Modulation) in which he showed how to move from any major to minor key within moments, the principles of which are still valid today. However, at the time he was criticised for his modern and daring views.

Soler was a highly inventive and adventurous composer whose music exhibited great optimism and energy.
Like Scarlatti, his music is well-suited to the guitar but, unlike Scarlatti, it is rarely performed or recorded on the instrument.

Hill and Wiltschinsky have arranged all the sonatas on this album to give a small insight into his wonderful music.

Follow the link to hear previews of ‘Hill/Wiltschinsky Duo - Soler Sonatas’ and, as I have said, I have added the whole of ‘Sonata No.43 – Allegro’ to the player in the side bar.
The sheet music for these vibrant works will soon be available for download from the Robin Hill site. I'll keep you posted....