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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Sheet Music and Plenty of it...

Robin has always composed and arranged music. Some of our regular readers may remember the, 'Fandango in the Fridge' post...

Recently he has been extremely busy preparing many pieces for download with one simple click.

There are now nearly 60 such pieces available from Sheet Music Plus, for a variety of instruments.

The majority are guitar based, either solo or duo, but there are also arrangements for guitar and voice, flute and guitar, string quartet, piano and many more!

Many of the pieces are original compositions, such as, 'Return to Islay', or, 'Canzone', both for solo guitar, but also original compositions for guitar duos such as, 'Esercizio No.1 'Tarantella' for two guitars'.

For those with an interest in flamenco guitar you could try, 'Fiesta de Xabia' which is a fiery and lively piece.

However, there are also piano pieces, 'Joydance' being one.

Arranging music has played a huge role in Robin's life as a musician and he has always spent a great deal of time arranging, performing and recording the pieces of historical giants within the world of classical music. Some examples are, 'Prelude No 1 from The Well-Tempered Clavier, J.S.Bach, 'Sonata L.483 for solo guitar', Domenico Scarlatti, 'Rigaudon (arranged for two guitars)', Georg Frederic Handel, 'Escorregando (arranged for flute & Guitar)', Ernesto Nazareth, 'Pavane (Op.50 arranged for two guitars)', Gabriel Faure, and many, many more!

Traditional music, whether, Irish, or Christmas, can also be found.

There are too many pieces to mention individually here, but please feel free to have a look around on Sheet Music Plus and check back frequently as new compositions and arrangements are being added all the time.

If you feel a few Skype lessons could help get your fingers around some of the trickier pieces, well, just send me a message, and if there's any requests for a particular piece, well, you only have to ask.