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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pearl of Strings

As all guitarists know the type of string used can make a huge difference to a performance.
It is therefore always a delight to come across a product which really makes a difference.
However, not so much of a delight when the newly released strings are currently unavailable and you have a tour pending.

This is the situation we found ourselves in recently.
Robin was in Australia having just completed a trip, and he asked me to order 6 new sets of, Cantiga New Cristal 510 CR strings, urgently.
With only 5 days at home there was little room for delay.

However, after trying all our usual outlets, the new Cantiga strings were proving difficult to obtain. The problem was that they are very new. Just being launched and, as yet, not readily available.

As these new strings really worked better than any others on his instruments he was reluctant to use anything else. In fact the analogy he used was, 'It would be like driving a Polo when you have been used to a Porsche....'

But help was at hand.
Savarez heard of our plight and immediately sent 6 sets for the forthcoming trip.

Robin was delighted, and whilst he was still away I asked him to write down his thoughts on guitar strings and why these were so important. This is what he sent:

Pearl of Strings

I am always experimenting with different guitar strings and all have
different characteristics and qualities (and defects in some cases). They also have the ability to substantially colour and change the voice of an instrument.

My two main classical guitars are made by the great Miguel Rodriguez of Cordoba, a 1980 cedar top and a 1976 'Churchdoor' cedar top. Both instruments are outstanding. I also have a 1963 flamenco by Manuel Reyes.

In my early playing days at college and with the Hill/Wiltschinsky Duo I
used Savarez Pink Card strings......these can be heard on our debut recording, 'Arrival' on iTunes. Over the years I have tried just about every available string by numerous different manufacturers.

Whenever a new string appears on the market I am eager to try it. Thus it
was with the new Cantiga strings by Savarez.

They are a revelation, possessing an unequalled resonance, sustain,
intonation and longevity and a pleasing lack of abrasiveness which is kind to the nails.
In short I consider these strings to be a quantum leap in the evolution of
the classical guitar string.
Nothing else currently available compares.

Robin Hill – 2011

I was equally delighted with the rather nice pen they also sent:

And if you are wondering what happens to all these strings once the concert has been performed, well, you may be interested in this old post, 'The Many and Varied Uses of Savarez Guitar Strings'.