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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Monte Carlo or Bust of Napoleon?

Travelling around the Mediterranean on board the luxurious Queen Victoria isn't a bad way to spend two weeks of your life.
However, for Robin, it was no holiday.
Four concerts, all entirely different programmes, require an awful lot of preparation.
The concerts were split. Two within the first few days, and the final two towards the end of the trip.
Consequently, Robin had time to visit some incredible places, in between practicing and rehearsals.

Firstly, here is a more unusual image of the Queen Victoria, and a picture Robin is rather proud of:

Then, a more conventional view of the QV, nestled in the background whilst docked in Ajaccio, Corsica:

Throughout Ajaccio you can find many statues of Napoleon Bonaparte as he was born here in 1769:

One can't help imagining that Napoleon would have walked down this very street at some point:

After a day in Civitavecchia, which consisted mainly of rehearsals, they arrived in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Robin has visited Monte Carlo many times and has very fond memories of this particular trip, 'Monte Carlo and Madeline Bell'.
Only in Monte Carlo would the corner shop sell Ferrari's...and why has the motorbike in the foreground got 2 front wheels?

I must say I rather like the posters for the Monte Carlo Orchestre Philharmonique:

And this beautiful stairway, which is apparently much larger than it appears in this photograph:

Plus a typical church below the famous mountains of Monte Carlo:

After all this French speaking it seemed appropriate that Robin was reading this book:

But now Robin is home.
The concerts all went very well and the director is keen for him to return.
He may have to wait a while.
Next stop, well, you'll have to wait and see...