'As always, it was sheer pleasure to observe Robin Hill's remarkable fluent technique: everything looks easy when he plays it.' Colin Cooper- Classical Guitar Magazine ----- 'Wonderful for their (Hill & Wiltschinsky) precision, touch and clarity of sound... refined virtuosity, the achievement of a long interpretive process.' Il Giornale D'Italia (Rome) ----- 'I loved your CD and thought your technique and performance were fabulous...' Rick Wakeman

Friday, October 17, 2014

New Sheet Music for Guitar by Robin Hill - Arrangements of Bach & Pachelbel

After Robin's many years as both performer and composer it is not surprising that huge amounts of both hand written and printed scores abound around our home. For anyone associated with a musician it will probably be no surprise to hear that this music can turn up in the most unexpected places. A Fandango in the Freezer for example...

But in our case much of the music is either original compositions or arrangements.
We have a vast archive of guitar duo, solo, orchestral, guitar & flute etc.etc. There are literally hundreds of pieces of music.

So it is with great excitement that I can announce that we are gradually going to release these arrangements as digital sheet music.

The difficult part was deciding where to begin, so, we have opted for a selection of two very well known classics and an original piece by Robin.

'Canon' by Johann Pachelbel. Arranged by Robin Hill

Pachelbel's 'Canon' is such a beautiful piece of music it isn't surprising it is so popular. Although some arrangements for guitar of this classic are available Robin felt he would like to create something new which would be idiomatic for the guitar.

It is 7 pages long and contains some new, original material and has been well received in concert.
Our edition includes both standard notation, with fingering, and also tablature.
You can find it here.

'Prelude No.1' from 'The Well-Tempered Clavier' by Johann Sebastian Bach. Arranged by Robin Hill

Originally in C major Robin has transposed and arranged this piece into the more guitar friendly key of E major. 'Prelude No.1', from 'The Well-Tempered Clavier' is 5 pages long and includes fingering and tablature. You can find it here.

'Return to Islay' By Robin Hill

'Return to Islay' is an original composition inspired by a visit to the beautiful Hebridean Island. The piece reflects the island's simple, natural beauty and has proved a very popular, and often requested, concert item.
You can hear Robin playing Return to Islay here and the sheet music can be found here.

'The Guitar Gymnasium' by Robin Hill

Or to give it its full title, 'The Guitar Gymnasium, A Mental and Physical Workout, Designed to Develop Flawless Technique.'
I have written about this book before, 'Performance and Practice,' and 'Musical Practice Tips.'

It is available instantly here, or from the warehouse here.

We will be adding to this catalogue of available pieces over time so please check back regularly.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

'Life of a Musician - Robin Hill' is 8 Years Old!

Another year has passed and it seems incredible that Life of a Musician is now 8 years old!
But whilst this blog might be 8, Robin has spent practically all his life immersed in music.
Starting out in bands from the age of 12 and continuing right through to the present day.
Many events have been highlighted throughout this blog so feel free to browse through the archives.

As always it has been a very busy year and Robin continues to travel extensively, and perform regularly, around the world.
In fact he isn't currently at home to celebrate this momentous occasion as he is in Denmark!

When not away performing there is still lots to be done. Learning new repertoire and composing new pieces are always high on the list and thoughts frequently turn to recording.
In the next few weeks that is exactly what will be happening.
An exciting new project is underway and will be discussed in more detail in due course.
But for now, the musicians have been booked, the music is prepared and all we need is Robin!
But actually, by the end of August the recording will hopefully be done and the mixing and mastering process will have started.
Then of course the behind the scenes aspects of any new release will start falling into place.

But the last year also saw us re-release, 'Danza - Robin Hill & Peter Wiltschinsky'.
This album was originally released by ASV in 1995 and was an important landmark for the Hill/Wiltschinsky Guitar Duo. Consequently there was no hesitation from us when it became available to release once again.
You can read more about 'Danza' here, including an original review and the sleeve notes.

During the last year we also had a call from Babak Rahnama, a singer, DJ and Producer.
He was so taken by a piece Robin had written some years earlier that he wanted to collaborate.
So collaborate they did and 'Tomorrowland' was the result!
They continue to work on many more tracks and Robin will soon be travelling to London to make a video.

As I said at the beginning, Robin is away at the moment and last night was concert night.
It was also a very unusual night for Robin as our youngest son travelled with him for the first time.
After a gruelling journey which was full of delays and required the sound check to be hastily rescheduled, the concert itself went ahead as planned.
As he prepared to play, 'Fantastic Mr Felix', from, 'Standing On Air' Robin was able to explain that the dedicatee was, for the first time ever, in the audience.
Naturally this went down very well and youngest son was required to stand and take a bow.
A very proud moment for both father and for son and one that made all the hassle of the previous day disperse in a second.

It is in fact moments like that when all the hours, months and years of solitary practice all seem worthwhile.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

'Jazz Name Dropper' a poem by Robin Hill

Jazz has always featured strongly in our lives and its influence can be heard in much of Robin's music.
He also loves poetry and often writes a few verses when the mood takes him.
I was therefore not surprised when, 'Jazz Name Dropper', was passed on to me.
Apparently, for some unknown reason, at the time of writing the whole passage was conceived in a gentle Welsh lilt...

Jazz Name Dropper

I had a beer with Chick Corea
Played a shaker for Chet Baker
Had several binges with Charlie Mingus
Strolled in the park with Stanley Clarke
Bought pizzas and ate ‘em with old Art Tatum
Met the wife, Mavis, through Miles Davis
Sailed in a vessel with Barney Kessel
Received a personal cheque from Dave Brubeck
Was dubbed ‘glorious’ by Jaco Pastorius
Walked across Turin with Flora Purim
Played jazz-rock with Herb Hancock
Lived down the lane from John Coltrane
Appeared on telly with Stephane Grappelli
But I never met Django Reinhardt.....(I did however meet his son, Babik).

Robin Hill - 2013