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Friday, January 25, 2008

Guitar Concert One Day, Socks The Next...

As the Queen Victoria makes its way up the coast of El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala, heading for Mexico, Robin seems to have turned his hand to more domestic issues:

He appears to have developed a new sock drying technique, patent pending, which apparently was highly effective!
Not sure what health and safety would say, but, he assures me he didn't leave the sock unattended...
Now I know I packed enough, 20 pairs in fact.
A handy hint for travellers, insert your socks in your shoes, it saves space in the suitcase, and maintains the shape of the shoe.
I can only imagine that due to the very hot weather, more socks have been required than expected.
He does however say that it is rather a labour intensive method, which makes me think the other 19 pairs will be returning unwashed.....

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