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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dark Side of the Moon

It is a cold, damp, January day here, and I wasn't pleased when the alarm clock rang out at only 6.30 am.
Neither of us wanted to get up, and we managed to silence the noise, and grab a few more minutes.
But reality set in, and we had to organise ourselves, and set off for the airport in a short while.
It's a well practiced procedure in this house and we all know the routine.
Before long we were in the car, and on the motorway, which was thankfully quiet.

We said our goodbyes and then I had to drive off as Robin made his way inside the terminal.
This is always the hardest part.
Especially as son number two was howling in the back of the car.
Luckily, other son had stayed at a friends last night, so I was spared two sets of tears.

By the time I got home Robin called to say he was checked in and ready to go.
It's as hard for him as it is for us.
I don't envy him the flight to New York.

However, after watching a programme on, 'the making of' Pink Floyd's album, 'Dark Side of the Moon', Robin decided to download it, and was looking forward to putting his feet up, his headphones on, and revisiting the music.
When I say 'putting his feet up', I mean that literally.
He's quite tall, so usually has to adopt the full lotus position whilst flying, due to the lack of leg room.

But it will all be worth it.
He gets an overnight stay in New York, and then will be joining Cunard's 'Queen Victoria'.
Weeks of sunshine, good food and plenty of sleep lie ahead.
Oh, and a couple of concerts of course.
I'm not envious, not a bit....

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