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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sea, Strings and a New CD

I know it has all been rather light hearted recently, but behind the scenes, there's still a lot going on.
In the next few days we will be announcing the release of a new album. I'm very excited about this, so, keep checking in for more details.

But this blog is about the life of a musician, and many people enjoy seeing the places that Robin goes, the people that he meets, and the music that he plays.
It is after all his life at the moment.

Whilst Robin is away it can be difficult to keep up to date with what is actually going on, as there are many communication problems to overcome.
Frequently we are unable to talk via 'phone, although last night there was a bonus call, as the Queen Victoria was sailing only a mile off the coast of California, so we were able to get an intermittent signal.
He is sure that I have perfected the art of talking as if the line is breaking up. He swears that our conversations are always fine until he asks any taxing questions, at which point, "I...sorry....can'".
I'm not so sure there isn't a little projection going on.

Also, email can be patchy.
Some days it's fine, other days no messages.
Add in a constantly changing time difference and you can see how it becomes difficult.

One message that did manage to make it, relates to a blog I did a long time ago, which has always been popular, 'The Many and Varied Uses of Savarez Guitar Strings'.

Here's another to add to the list.
Often in hotels, and on board ships, the clothes hangers are designed to only be used in the wardrobe. Understandably, they don't want everyone packing them and taking them home.
But it doesn't help if you want to dry a shirt in the bathroom. There's nothing to 'hook' it over the rail.

Answer: Savarez guitar strings, as demonstrated here:

Musicians have to be versatile.

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