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Monday, January 07, 2008

The Electric Guitar and the Halle Orchestra

It has been rather a strange few days.
As the school holidays came to an end son number one discovered a talent for drumming.
The whole drum kit wasn't set up, but he made use of what was available, and he has requested a new bass drum pedal for his birthday....
Not to be outdone on the noise front, Robin has been playing his electric guitar.

Now this may seem strange to regular readers, as they will know that he is soon off on a trip, and has many programmes to be working on.
But, in an unprecedented move, Robin decided to take a few days off from the classical guitar, to allow his nails to rest and grow, before going away.

Hence the electric guitar.
You didn't expect him to be without an instrument in his hands did you?
I must say it has been a delight to hear, and, Robin has been thoroughly enjoying himself, and now has a new, very funky piece, nearly written.

What he enjoyed most of all was playing along with son number one.
Not to be outdone, second son joined in with his Christmas triangle, and a shaker.

But now school has resumed and we are all getting on with our work.

I read an article by Ivan Hewett today, where he talks to Mark Elder about the forthcoming 150th anniversary of the Halle Orchestra.
If you remember, I spoke to Mark Elder back in November, you can remind yourselves here, and was very impressed with him as a conductor, and his ability to engage with the younger generation.
So, if you are in the Manchester area on January 30th, you can see The Halle's 150th anniversary concert at the Bridgewater Hall. For more details go here.

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