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Monday, January 14, 2008

Cunard's Queens in New York

There has been little communication from the high seas today and we are now reduced to e mail.
However, I did talk to Robin late last night, and he was very impressed with Cunard's new ship, the Queen Victoria.
He thoroughly enjoyed the experience of standing on the deck, with Mozart playing gently around him, whilst he watched the QE2, which was alongside, and the Hudson Bridge in the background.
The QM2 was of course also there, and the celebration of this historic event, complete with fireworks, was fantastic.
You can read more about it in this article, 'Three Cunard Queen Ships Meet in Manhattan for Once-in-a-Lifetime Event'.

When we spoke, the QV had set sail and the QE2 was still with them, but I expect they have now gone separate ways.

I was rather amused to discover that someone found this site by a google search, 'Cunard Queen Victoria, Does it have irons in the rooms'?
Well, from my experience of Robin's many trips abroad, on various lines, I have never seen any evidence of there being an iron even in the same hemisphere, never mind in the room.
However, I suspect they do have them on board, and probably in each room, but that Robin hasn't quite worked out its function.....

He is there to work though and it's the first of his two concerts tomorrow.
So I would imagine that Robin is running through the first programme, and limbering up his fingers with some right and left hand exercises, to recover from the long journey.

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