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Friday, January 04, 2008

Benny Goodman Orchestra - Sing Sing Sing

Our very good friend Paul Griffin, recently sent us a link to the Benny Goodman Orchestra, and it makes fabulous viewing.
Paul has been a friend for many years and collaborated musically with Robin in the band 'Force 10', which I have written about before.

Paul's dad was also an excellent trumpeter, Chris Griffin, and you can see him on the following video.
I have mentioned Chris before, here, when Robin whiled away some time in an airport, talking about him.

Robin knew Chris well and they had huge respect for each other musically and it was with great sadness that we learnt of his death back in 2005.
However, if you find yourself in the Catskill Mountains, and need a fabulous place to stay, try 'The Griffin House' where you will be guaranteed as much talk of music as you could wish for!

But for now, you can see Chris in the video, with the Benny Goodman Orchestra, playing 'Sing sing sing' from Hollywood Hotel.
Trumpets, left to right: Harry James, Ziggy Elman, Chris Griffin, Johnny Scat Davis.
Another of Robin's favourites, Gene Krupa on drums.

I think you'll agree, these guys really know how to play....

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