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Friday, February 01, 2008

And Finally...Home

Robin is home.
Although yesterday there were times when I thought it may have been quicker to go via South America after all!
After a long flight from LA, the last thing you need is your connecting flight to be cancelled.
It was.
Not once but twice.
Consequently it was some hours later than anticipated when Robin finally arrived home.
The delay caused a last minute problem with child care.
Thankfully a very good friend held onto our two in the school car park, and they were reunited with their Daddy under the bemused gaze of straggling school children, and the lollipop man.

Once home, Robin opened his case, and handed out these beautiful little boxes. They fit together like a puzzle, and are very unusual.
Mind you he did get them in Costa Rica.

But for now, Robin will just enjoy some time with the family.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Robin! Hope you had a fantastic trip - from Anna's posts it certainly looks like it.

Anna said...

Reply from Robin:

Thanks Ben, yes it was a great trip. I'm just adjusting from one extreme temperature to another.
Over 100 degrees in Mexico and snow here at home!