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Monday, February 25, 2008

Dangerous Time In Los Angeles.....

Today Crystal Symphony arrives in Los Angeles and Robin will be making the long journey home.
He has enjoyed the trip, his concerts have both gone very well, and he has caught up with a few friends.
Mark Merchant I have already mentioned, but the pianist Naki Ataman, has also been on board.
He's an interesting chap, he started playing at the age of 4, and made his stage debut at 8!
Naki is the son of the concert violinist and conductor, Zeki Ataman, who used to conduct many Turkish orchestras.
Naki had an interesting story, and one that may appeal to any conductors out there. At the time, occupations in Turkey were given an unofficial ranking, with musicians pretty high up on the list, and conductors in particular, being held in very high esteem, with a ranking the equivalent of a General!

However I have other things on my mind today.
As I have said, Robin will be leaving Crystal Symphony in Los Angeles.
I do have a concern.
In Los Angeles is one of Robin's favourite shops, and you guessed it, they sell guitars.
Not just any old guitars, but concert guitars.
I also know that he will have time to visit, before he goes to the airport.
We have dealt with this place many times in the past, and he assures me he's only going so he can meet them face to face.

I did send him an email outlining my concerns. You can probably judge the tone of my message, when I tell you his response:

"It will take more than a knife wielding psychopath with an Oedipus complex, or a serial killer with a chainsaw to deter me..."

Oh, well, I suppose it's OK to look.

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