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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Eklectica Play 'Largo' - J.S.Bach

The 9th track on Robin Hill's Eklectica is 'Largo by J.S.Bach'.
This is the slow movement from Bach's double violin concerto, where the dialogue between the two violins, has been replaced by the guitar and the piano.
Eklectica's pianist, Daniel Bath, did the arrangement, he's an interesting and delightful character, and a musician of many talents.

Daniel studied music at Clare College Cambridge where he specialised in Gregorian and Byzantine chant, whilst also playing in the college folk band, 'Batter the Haddock'.
He is a multi talented musician with a particular interest in choral music, which he frequently conducts.
He continues to study tabla and Indian singing techniques, whilst also performing in his soul band, 'Souled Out'.

He has been a frequent visitor to our house over the years, often arriving with a harpsichord in the back of his car, which he would then reassemble in our music room, in order to run through various pieces of music with Robin!

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