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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday Morning Composition with Robin Hill

As we all prepared to go out, Robin settled at the piano for a quick blast, to let off some steam.
After such an intense few weeks of classical guitar playing, he finds it very relaxing, and enjoyable, to just play whatever he feels like.
This can be old favourites, which he will also sing along to, or occasionally, we challenge him to make up a song 'in the style' of someone else.
This provides us with many happy hours of music making.

It's also a need that Robin has.
Music is always on his mind, and, it's good for him, and all musicians, to try out new things.
Today, however, we had son number two's 5th birthday party.
Just as we were all nearly ready, Robin came up with a nice riff, and played it over and over a few times, expanding it slightly with each repeat.

We all wandered off, knowing, it may be a while before we could leave.
But time wasn't on our side, so Robin quickly put the notes in the computer, for fear of forgetting them, and off we all went for a noisy but highly enjoyable party.

Of course, the first thing he did on his return, was to listen to the freshly composed piece, and continue where he left off.
We both realised that this often happens on a Sunday.
We're not really sure why, but, it could be that when home, this is one of the only free mornings he has.
Maybe all this music is floating around in his head until the opportunity arises to release the beast.

This particular piece would make an excellent T.V. theme tune. When it's complete I'll have to add it to my ever growing list of pieces of music to promote.
All I need now is another few hours in every day.

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