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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Robin Hill Arrives in Boston and Classical Music Blogs...

Robin was unable to get a 'phone signal, in Bar Harbor, hence the lack of communication.
He did however email me to say how nice it is there.
He was impressed to find a very pleasant cafe, which played nothing but opera, with signed photographs of various opera singers decorating the walls.
As he was enjoying his coffee with the soprano, Annette Wardell, it was particularly appropriate.

The QE2 has now arrived in Boston, Massachusetts, another first for Robin, and he will be setting off for home later today.

As Robin's guitar concerts have all been performed, and he has nothing to report but the packing of his suitcase, it allows me time to refer you to some new Links.

The Canadian pianist, Chris Foley, has been working very hard.
Many blogs have been acknowledging his efforts, and rightly so.
Not only is he running, 'The Collaborative Piano Blog', which I have recently discovered, and have now added to my links section, but, he has also put together a classical music blogs pagecast.
Basically, he has taken all the leg work out of looking around for classical music blogs, with just one click of a button.

So, to look at old favourites, or, to discover some new sites, take a few minutes to check out, 'Chris Foley's Pageflakes'.

Meanwhile, lets hope that Robin manages to arrive home, with his suitcase this time....


Chris Foley said...

Thanks for the nod, Robin, and your blog was a welcome addition to the list of blogs on the site.

Anna said...

Hi Chris,
Good to hear from you and many thanks for adding us to your site!