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Monday, October 29, 2007

Cosi Fan Tutte

Robin has, for many years, kept a notebook in which he writes any quotes, or thoughts that he hears, and feels inspired by.
It proved invaluable when writing 'The Guitar Gymnasium', and he often refers to his notebook when trying to stress a point to students.
It is constantly evolving and is carried around in his guitar case at all times.

About a year ago, Robin gave me a beautiful handcrafted notebook, designed by Laurel Burch, who very sadly died in September.
The notebook is so lovely that I took some time to decide what I should use it for.
In the end I settled on starting my very own book of quotes.
They come from many sources, and the only requirement for inclusion to the book, is that the quote moves me in some way.
Whether that be to make me think, laugh or cry.

Here's one quote that has been in my notebook for some time, and one that I felt was highly unlikely to get to use, but, it made me laugh.
It came from the Scottish comedian Billy Connolly:

"Never trust a man who, when he's alone in a room with a tea-cosy, doesn't try it on."

You can see why I was amused, but also, why I didn't feel I would ever find the perfect time to use it.
Well, at the weekend I did.

I was at my brother's house attending my niece's 5th birthday party, when I wandered into the kitchen.
What did I find, but my brother standing in front of the teapot, with the tea-cosy on his head.
Quick as a flash, the Connolly quote sprung to mind, and with great delight I was able to pass it on to my brother and his wife.

They were suitably surprised, a little shocked, but highly amused, and in full agreement with Billy's sentiments.

A little later, once home, I was telling Robin about my good fortune, and he was delighted that this opportunity had arisen.

What has all this got to do with music?
Nothing really.
I am just so pleased that my book of quotes has started to become as useful as Robin's.

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