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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Great Expectations of John Dowland

Last night Robin went to the theatre on board the QM2, to watch a performance of, 'Great Expectations' by Charles Dickens.
The entire novel had been condensed into a 53 minute long stage version, and the actors, all from RADA, gave first class performances.
He was able to tell some of the cast what a good job they had done when he saw them later in the evening.

Whilst out, Robin was approached by a passenger, that had enjoyed his first guitar concert, and, wanted to know when the next one was.
He informed him that it is on Thursday, (not Friday as I mentioned the other day...oops!), and they got talking.
The passenger was keen to know what was on the programme.
So Robin mentioned a few names, and when he got to John Dowland, the gentleman became very enthusiastic.
They chatted some more before they went their separate ways.

It was only at this point that Robin realised there wasn't actually any Dowland in the second programme...
He went back to his room, had a rethink, and shuffled the programme around so that he could include John Dowland's 'Melancholy Galliard', and, 'Allermande'.

The passenger will probably never know that a chance meeting, and his passion for Dowland, prompted an entire re-write of the programme!


John Brough said...

there is nothing wrong with adding Dowland at the last minute - I'm sure the passengers, although unaware of the change in program - were treated to a lovely concert!

Anna said...

Robin aims to please, and, the audience certainly seemed to enjoy it!
Many thanks for the comment.