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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jekyll & Hyde, The QM2, and the Stowaway Cat

Robin is now on board the QM2, and preparing for the first of his two classical guitar concerts, taking place later today.
Prior to packing his suitcase on Friday, this, is what we discovered:

It appears that Ramsbottom the cat, quite liked the idea of a trip to New York, and was prepared to stowaway.
As you can see, the case hadn't been fully 'unpacked' from the previous trip, but it hardly seemed worth bothering.
In case you are interested, the book you can see is, 'Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde and other stories', by, Robert Lewis Stevenson.

Robin did repack the book as he hadn't quite finished it.
I do have a slight concern over his choice of reading material.

One review said, 'Truly a great work of English literature, 'Jekyll and Hyde' is a magnificent story that takes the reader to the very edge of madness.'

We should be alright as long as the weather remains good, and therefore no bouts of seasickness follow, requiring long periods of isolation in ones room.
Cabin fever and Jekyll and Hyde may just push Robin's sanity to the limit.

As for the hairdryer in the background, well, I must admit that it's mine. I'm afraid I'm one of those annoying people that just leaves it on the floor instead of putting it away.
Now, I must go and see if I can find Ramsbottom...

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