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Friday, October 05, 2007

Birthday to Bach

Today we were invited into school for 'birthday assembly'.
As you can imagine, it is very exciting for a small boy to stand in front of the school, and show two of his newly acquired birthday gifts, especially as your parents are able to watch.
Son number one obviously gets his stage presence from his Dad, as he didn't appear at all phased by proceedings, even when he had to talk to the headmistress about his toys.
Maybe those 'performing' genes are inherited, we'll have to wait and see...

There was one thing we were both very impressed about.
Each week a piece of classical music is selected, and played to the children as they go into assembly, and again when they leave.
They are all told what the music is, and, encouraged to listen to it as they wait.
What an excellent way to expose young and impressionable minds to some wholesome and nourishing music.

This weeks choice was Aria, from Bach's Goldburg Variations.
A particularly calm and serene piece and ideal to maintain order amongst a throng of under 7's.
We are both very familiar with this piece and it was a delight to sit and listen as all the children filed in and out.
It wasn't a version we are familiar with though and I'm afraid I don't know who was performing it on this occasion.
However, I do know it wasn't Glenn Gould, as the characteristic humming and singing along, present on all his recordings, was absent.
I really had to restrain myself from adding them myself, and, I later found out that Robin was having the same problem.

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