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Friday, October 12, 2007

Sabicas, Savarez Strings and the Suitcase

A day of preparation and packing for another trip abroad.
However first Robin had to go and buy a new suitcase.
His old one, which he hasn't had that long, was beyond repair.
Some months ago the lock was broken by an over enthusiastic security guard, and, since then, has been held together with a Savarez guitar string.
See a previous post, 'The Many and Varied Uses of Savarez Guitar Strings...', for other applications of the many thousands of used strings we have.
But, on Robin's last trip, the handle of his case also broke, beyond repair of even the strongest guitar string, hence the need to purchase a new case.

That is now done and all I have to do is fill it with clothes.
Robin meanwhile took himself off to the recording studio to try out a new flamenco technique he's been working on.
He recorded 'Zapateado', by Sabicas, to put his new hand position through its paces.
Recording yourself, and then listening back, is an excellent aid to improving technique and interpretation.
It's also a great way of immersing yourself in your music to try and forget the prospect of yet another flight.

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