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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Deep Purple Haze Days

As we watched Paul McCartney the other evening, a memory was triggered for Robin, which I felt worthy of repeating.
It occurred as McCartney was playing 'I Saw Her Standing There', which he performed with his usual brilliance.
Robin said, "That's what I played with Deep Purple, at the audition."
I couldn't let that go and immediately went into 'blog' mode.

Robin was called down to Pinewood Studios for an audition for the place of lead guitarist, in a post Deep Purple band, put together by Jon Lord and Ian Paice.
The position had become vacant after the untimely death of Tommy Bolin, a fantastic guitarist who had played on one of our favourite recordings, 'Spectrum' by Billy Cobham.
So it was a pretty nerve wracking experience for Robin.

They started with, 'I Saw Her Standing There', and then went on to play, 'Palace of the King', by BB King.

The other band members then went off to deliberate, and returned promptly, to say Robin had got the gig.
Exciting times.

They went on to do a demo of 'Palace of the King', and you can hear it today.
The band members at this point were:
Ian Paice - Drums
Jon Lord - Keyboard
Maggie Bell - Vocals
Paul Martinez - Bass
Robin Hill - Electric Guitar

This track was actually recorded at George Harrison's house...
Unfortunately he wasn't in at the time, but they did meet on another occasion, however, that's another story...

For now you can hear 'Palace of the King' from the player in the side bar.

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