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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Jet Lag - What Jet Lag...

Most people would allow themselves a few days to recover from a long haul flight and the associated jet lag.
In an ideal world so would Robin.
But it isn't always possible.
From experience, Robin has found it easier to adjust, if he stays up until roughly our normal bedtime, and, maybe has an extra hour or so sleep the next morning.
So, Thursday evening he did manage to stay awake, even if the conversation was somewhat limited!
By Friday he appeared more or less back to normal. Which was a good thing as he had a busy weekend ahead.
All private functions, but they still require the same rehearsal, dedication and polished presentation.

Today has been particularly hectic as Robin was out this afternoon playing to a very appreciative audience, came home long enough to eat some tea and kick a ball in the garden with some number two, then dashed off out again.

I do hope the jet lag doesn't catch up with him tomorrow as it's the day of the party for son number two.
This will involve 18 small and noisy children.
No matter how tired Robin is, he won't be getting out of this one...not that he would want to.
I think he's really looking forward to taking a few hours out to do something completely different.
I'll probably have to remind him of that tomorrow....

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