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Friday, October 26, 2007

Russell Watson and Sir Paul McCartney

Robin has been hard at work all day and I have been out.
But we couldn't let the day pass without commenting on two very different situations.
The first, is the news that Russell Watson has had to endure brain surgery, a second time, for a recurring tumour.
At the time of writing, here, in a report by Veronica Schmidt, is the latest news.
It appears that Russell's condition has moved from 'critical' to 'stable', which is fantastic news.
If you want to watch a video of Russell and Robin, then you can do so, right here.
Be sure to think very positive thoughts, and hopefully, we will see Russell making a full and speedy recovery very soon.

On a much lighter note, did you see the fabulous concert last night?
This is a review worth reading by Helen Brown, 'Sir Paul McCartney rocks the Electric Proms.'
Oh how we wished we'd been there.
However, you can see some extracts, on the 'BBC electric proms' site.
Go and have a look.
It's worth it.

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