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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Inside a Musicians Mind....

Robin woke up at 5am with the first two lines of a poem going through his mind. He tried to ignore it, and go back to sleep, but eventually gave in to the urge and got up.
By 5.30am he was waking me to read his latest creation.
I dutifully did, but must confess, it wasn't until a more reasonable hour that I gave it my full attention.
What I like about it is that you can read it on many levels.
It could be about one persons time on earth, or, mankind in general.
Is it the work of an artist, supposedly at rest, a reaction to the terrible storms we suffered here in the UK yesterday, or the sign of a tortured mind...
You decide.


I'm the rain and the wind

And the sweet summer sun,

I'm a name in the sand

I'm a figure of fun,

I'm the dance in the trees

Building up by degrees,

I'm the eye of the storm

I'm the ice in the freeze,

I'm the kestrel, the sparrow,

The swallow, the quail,

I'm a spirit of energy,

Blazing my trail,

I'm a maverick, lunatic,

Spendthrift and miser,

And, as I grow older,

I, for sure, get no wiser.


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