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Monday, June 11, 2007

Robin Hill is Home - and a New Merchandising Idea?

Robin is home and hasn't yet succumbed to jet lag. Quite the opposite in fact. He has already taken son number two for a game of football and is now out on a country walk. I suspect the joy of feeling ground beneath his feet is overriding the need to sleep - for the moment. (I'm quite shocked he hasn't, as yet, played his guitar).

I was asked the other day how large the theatre on board the QM2 is, and, was unable to say. So, I looked on the Cunard website, and the Royal Court Theatre is multi-tiered and seats 1,105 guests.
It's amazing that a venue that size is floating about at sea.
It did however get me thinking.
Robin manged to fill the venue for both his concerts. That's over 2000 people watching him perform in one week. Admittedly, some will have been to both concerts, as the programmes were completely different.

So to merchandising.

I read an article in 'The Wall Street Journal', 'The New Record Labels', by Ethan Smith.
Basically, there's a clothing label, 'Lyric Jeans' that specialise in jeans with lyrics to famous songs written down the legs. "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" for example.

We could branch out, and form, 'Dots on Denim', swirling round your legs could be the score for 'Tre Esercizi', or 'Canzone', both Robin Hill originals. You'd have to have very long legs though, there are a lot of notes involved in both these pieces.
2000 people in a week, all need to wear clothes, and would like a memento of the do the maths, or math, for my US readers.

David Juritz has posted some photos of him playing in London on the day of departure. We know he was in Paris yesterday, and today, he's in Zurich. So he must have made enough to get himself that far...

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