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Monday, June 18, 2007

Hill/Wiltschinsky - Pump It or Dump It...

Top 10 Sources has a system in which you can 'click' on a 'HOT' button, or 'NOT', depending on how you rate the blog entry.
I'm pleased to say that many of our entries have had positive results. That's reassuring, as anyone that runs a blog will realise, that a lot of time an effort goes into each entry.

It also reminded me of a rather strange experience that Hill/Wiltschinsky had a few years ago.
The duo were in America on tour, and at one point were booked to play for 'St Louis Classical Guitar Society'.
As part of the promotion they were asked to do a radio interview, which they happily agreed to.

We were all taken down to the radio station and Robin and Peter talked about their music and answered the varied questions about their time together.
The duo then performed live, 'Jota' by Peter Wiltschinsky, after which, as the adverts were playing, they were informed that the audience could call in and either 'Pump it', (turn the volume up and request another piece), or, 'Dump it', (no more music...).
They were completely unaware that this would be happening, so there was a rather tense few minutes as the people of St.Louis made their decision.

I'm pleased to say they chose, 'Pump it', so the interview continued and the duo went on to perform, 'Ritual Fire Dance', from Falla's ballet, 'El Amor Brujo', (Love the Magician).

They must have enjoyed it as the concert hall was full later that day....

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