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Saturday, June 09, 2007

From the Changing Face of Music Festivals to Strawberries and Champagne on the QM2

The times, they are a changing, that's for sure.
Yesterday, in 'The Daily Telegraph', I read an article by Nigel Reynolds, 'Glastonbury luxury for discerning free spirits'. An area that overlooks the festival, and nicknamed, 'The Ritz', provides 75 luxury tents where the occupants can be pampered in style, whilst still enjoying the music.
Hot showers, massages, foie gras and Glastonbury beef fillets, are just some of the items available.
Although expensive, most of the tents have already been allocated to people from all around the world.

The music festival culture appears to be changing.

Then, today, in another report by Nigel Reynolds, along with Helen Brown, 'Rough it at the festival? That's so last century', we hear that many of the festival goers are returning to the Isle of Wight, older, hopefully wiser, and taking their children with them.

I shouldn't be surprised.

Back in the 7o's Robin was just as likely to be found behind his Fender Stratocaster, jamming with Deep Purple or Jethro Tull, as he is to be seen with his Miguel Rodriguez guitar today.
Just to highlight the point, my last message from Robin told me that he had spent the afternoon on board the QM2, with a linguist from New York.
This very nice gentleman, had answered Robin's call, during his last concert. He offered his services to inform Robin of the correct pronunciation, for various Portuguese words, that Robin uses during his introductions.
They had a very pleasant time, drinking champagne and eating strawberries, whilst recording the words into Robin's apple....

Meanwhile, in the UK, for the moment, we wish David Juritz the very best of luck as he sets off busking, 'Round the World and Bach'. He leaves today from Turnham Green tube station.

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