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Monday, June 25, 2007

Celebrate the Arts Not Stupidity

Well, Glastonbury is over, and all the revellers will be returning home to dry out, and the locals will have peace and quiet restored.
There has been a huge amount of media attention, with easy access to T.V. and radio coverage. So if you couldn't make it there, you could still enjoy the music, from the comfort of your own home.
That's a good thing, but, why can't other forms of music get as much exposure?
For that matter, not just music, but all areas of the arts.

If people, and particularly children, were able to view and listen to ALL types of music and learn about the more wholesome aspects to life, and our cultural heritage, then maybe we wouldn't have quite so many problems today.

This area was discussed by Kenneth Woods, over on 'View from the Podium', the other day. Having left the concert hall on a Saturday night he was confronted by a typical scene in many towns and cities across the country. Young people, drunk, and disorderly.
We shouldn't be surprised. The lack of coverage on our televisions about anything positive is minimal. Yet, reality shows are on every channel, endlessly.

As Ken points out, people need to be given meaning and hope in their lives, through music, theatre, arts and literature.
I couldn't agree more.

This should be tackled on many fronts. Adults should have easy access to inspiring and enriching programmes, which is where the T.V. companies should take some responsibility.
Children are our future. If all they know is 'Big Brother', how can we expect them to appreciate the arts?

Atarah Ben Tovim recognised this problem years ago and has actively been inspiring children around the world with her television programmes and school concerts. Robin worked with her many times throughout the mid 70's and early 80's, and Atarah continues with her good work today.
We need more strong, inspiring, characters like her around.
However, I don't think we have heard the end of Kenneth Woods view on the subject.
If he has some ideas up his sleeve, to improve the lot of our younger generation, then he can count us in.

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