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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Domenico Scarlatti and the Honky Tonk Piano - Revisited

Back in May, I was talking about 'mishaps' in the recording studio, one of which occured when Hill/Wiltschinsky were recording Domenico Scarlatti's sonata K141.
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This recording took place in Rotherham, which sadly, is currently struggling under a few feet of floodwater.
On the day in question Hill/Wiltschinsky spent an entire day recording this piece. At the time, editing a piece as intricate as this was virtually impossible, so the sonata was recorded in one take. Nowadays with the advent of digital recording the editing process is much easier.

When the duo realised that they had the take they were looking for, Robin leapt up and played some honky tonk piano, to relieve the tension.
Only to find that the sound engineer had recorded Robin's piano playing over the Scarlatti.

What you can hear today is the version they recorded immediately after this incident.
So, I hope you enjoy Hill/Wiltschinsky performing 'Scarlatti's Sonata K141'.

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