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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Singapore for Robin - Da Vinci Code Cracking for Me

Robin has now arrived in Singapore and is settling into his room on Crystal Symphony. His first, of two concerts, isn't for a few days, which is excellent news, as I'm sure he needs a few days to recover from the journey.
You would think he would lay down and relax for a while, but no, when I spoke to him he was repairing a nail.
Before he left America, Robin e mailed me a new piece he has composed called, 'A Passage to New York'.
Sight reading isn't really my thing, and despite Robin assuring me I would be fine with it, I feel some work is required.

Not as much as Thomas and Stuart Mitchell though.
They were intrigued by the markings on the arches of a chapel of a church featured in 'The Da Vinci Code'. Using their musical knowledge they have unlocked the notes of a piece of music that has been hidden for centuries. It's an interesting story by Richard Alleyne which you can read here.
I look forward to hearing it and many congratulations to them for their perseverance.

Meanwhile, I must get back to my own code cracking. I'm keen to hear this new piece of Robin's, especially as it's dedicated to me.
At least I have the luxury of playing through it on Robin's Miguel Rodriguez guitar. He has the 'Churchdoor' with him, but his other concert guitar is here with me.
If you happen to be in Singapore, on Crystal Symphony, don't tell him that I'm torturing his music on his precious guitar....

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