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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Guitarist nails to Elgar

You'll have to wait a little longer for the music as Robin is out of town and has his computer with him.
He has actually travelled the length of the country to visit a nail specialist, who spends her time sorting out guitarists nails, from all around the world.
This is an ongoing problem, that I suspect, all guitarists face. In fact, during a recent exchange of comments with Kenneth Woods, over on 'View from the podium', he pointed out, that he could have never been a classical guitarist for just this reason.
At least it's nice to know that others appreciate the problem.
Lets hope some solutions are found today. Ironically, Robin's nails were in pretty good shape, when he set off yesterday. However, he had to make the appointment when he was home long enough to attend!

Meanwhile, here, and at The Daily Telegraph, Elgar appreciation continues. A report by Simon Heffer discusses the 'meaning of Englishness', and as one critic once commented, 'Elgar wrote the soundtrack of the Empire', so it seems a good place to start.
It's so nice to find people that are able to admire and enjoy home grown talent, not a skill we are known for in the UK.
Heffer ends his article on Elgar, "He is a true landmark of our culture, a life-enhancer, but also, as all great men must be, a towering example."
Here, here.
Read it for yourself, 'Listen to Elgar and learn the meaning of greatness'.

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