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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

From the Missing Mobile to J.S.Bach to Elgar

OK, so it didn't go quite as planned.
Earlier in the day the car wouldn't start. The AA got it going but suggested we drive it straight to the garage. Coincidentally it was booked in today anyway.
Next problem, Robin is about 10 miles from home, but after 26,120 miles in the last three weeks, surely, this shouldn't be a problem.
Taxi home.
An hour later we get a call from an agent, he's been 'phoning Robin's mobile and all he can get is an Asian taxi driver, with a stammer, asking us to call our own mobile so he can return it.
We do.
The taxi drives back and delivers the 'phone, whilst removing some familiar sunglasses and saying, 'I think these are yours too...'
By now we'd given up on the idea of going out, and had paid the equivalent of a meal, to drive a lonely mobile around the north of England.

Meanwhile, son number one declares, 'It's less stressful going into school for my summer exams this week than it is living in this house'.
I think we've done him a favour there.
So, no car = no shopping = no food.
I'll just have to make some of my famous fava soup. Judging by the e mails I got last time I mentioned this dish, I should point out that 'fava', is in fact broad bean.

All was not lost though.
We discovered the 'Akademie fur Alte Musik Berlin', if you like J.S.Bach, then you have to listen to them.
Such energy and vitality, just as you imagine it should sound.
A real treat and well worth missing out on a meal.

The next edited extract from, 'Elgar: An Anniversary Portrait', is by David Cannadine, and titled, 'Canny tycoon or tortured genius?'. Follow the link to read more about Elgar the man.

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