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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mutual Appreciation - Jimi Hendix and Force 10

"There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about." Oscar Wilde

There's some mutual appreciation going on between me, here, and 'Guitarist Widow', over the the US.
Read 'Traits of a Guitar Widow' to see what I mean.

I must say, I was very touched, and also delighted, to find that there is someone else in the world, that truly understands what it takes to be 'behind the scenes', of a musician.
Some of the observations made are so accurate, it's almost as if they have been following me around for the last 15 years!
Yes, you do have to recognise the love and passion that your 'man' has for his music.
Yes, the guitar is another member of the family, and probably the most demanding one.
Yes, you do have to give over your home to guitars, music and associated paraphernalia. (Do you remember an entry I made about finding music stored in a disused fridge...)
Yes, you do travel with them as much as you can.
For many years I got to see some fantastic countries and places all over the world. It isn't as easy these days with young children, but, I'm always there on the end of a 'phone, or computer in the really far flung places.
And, yes, you do wonder what goes on when you're not able to be there. However, I got over that a long time ago. Luckily, Robin does appreciate that the true 'guitar widow' is an extremely rare breed.

All that said, it is a very nice feeling to know that somewhere out there, are others that understand the sacrifices that are made, to enable this exciting, fascinating, unusual, musical journey that we are taking.

Whilst on the subject of the back up I provide for Robin, I'm under strict instructions to tape a programme for him this evening.
Neil McCormick explains in this article, 'Turn on, tune in - but who's dropped out?

So, I'd better prepare for a late night, as once Robin has returned, and we have watched this programme, I feel sure that he will be getting out his Fender Stratocaster, and playing along with Jimi Hendrix.
To hear some examples of Robin playing electric guitar you can revisit this post, 'Force Ten to be Reckoned With...'.