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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hill is Home and Shakespeare Quotes

Robin is now home and in remarkably good spirits.
Just for the record, he ended up being away for 3 weeks and 13 1/2 hours, due to a delay from Heathrow.
So near yet so far.
This had the result of cranking up the tension even further in two small, excited, children, so by the time Robin finally emerged from the depths of Manchester Airport, the grand reunion brought a tear to even the most hardened of passing business men.

Robin was up with the lark and straight back into the swing of things.
There's guitar practice to be done, and the microphones that arrived whilst he was away, need to be tried out.

It's fantastic to have the 'sounds of music' drifting through the house once more.
Or, as Shakespeare put it:

"How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank!
Here will we sit, and let the sounds of music creep in our ears."

William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
The Merchant of Venice.

I have noticed though, that Robin has taken to practicing in the studio, rather than the music room.
This is on the 3rd floor of the house and therefore quite removed from day to day family life.
I wonder if he has got a little too used to his own company after three weeks...
We'll soon knock that out of him.

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