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Thursday, May 10, 2007

From Romanian Gipsy music to a Latin American Wedding

I read a piece in The Daily Telegraph today, by Peter Culshaw, about the Romanian band, 'Taraf de Haidouks'. Their new album covers 'gipsy' style versions of classical music, with composers ranging from De Falla, Albeniz, Khachaturian and Bartok.
It sounds interesting, after learning the classical pieces, they then added their own, 'wildly energetic flavour'.

The thought of all those musicians playing together and performing exciting and lively music, reminded me of our wedding day.
What entertainment does a musician put on for their guests in the evening?
Surely not a dreaded disco...
The only solution was live music.

Luckily, we knew Dave Hassell, and talked him, and his band, 'Apitos', into a riotous evening of Latin American music.
It was fabulous and had everyone up on the dance floor.
All except Robin.
How could he possible be in the same room as a bunch of musicians, most of whom he knew, and not join in.
It wasn't the guitar that caught his attention, it was the congo drums, which he proceeded to play for, well, hours.
If you are familiar with the congo drums, you will know that there's a certain way to play them, to prevent sore hands.
Robin was too excited by the whole day, and engrossed in what he was doing, to be bothered with all that.
Consequently, the following morning, his newly placed wedding ring had to be removed with soap/lubricant, to prevent damage to those 'precious' fingers.
Also, his hands were too swollen to carry the suitcases, as we set off on our honeymoon.
I should have realised then that being the 'wife of a musician' was not going to be easy.....

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