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Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Windy City - If You Can Get On The Flight....

The next time you find yourself thinking that the life of a musician is glamorous one, then just remind yourself of the recent trauma that Robin was subjected to, when BA lost his suitcase and Miguel Rodriguez guitar. If you remember, both were returned, albeit after a very tense day.
You would think that was enough excitement to last a lifetime of travel, but, today has seen the next installment.
This morning we were up at 4am so that Robin could catch the first flight to Heathrow. Apart from the early start, this part of the journey was fine.
After the 'lost guitar' episode he vowed not to let his precious instrument in the hold again, and so far, apart from a little hassle, that hasn't been a problem.
However, once at Heathrow, he checked in for his flight to Chicago, and then went for security checks.
Should be fine, there were 4 hours to kill.
Robin stood, impatiently, in the endless queue for the entire time, repeatedly telling the officials that his flight was nearly due to board. Only to be informed that it hadn't been called yet.
Eventually, he told the staff again that his flight was due, and they calmly informed him that he had missed it!!! They'd had him there for 4 hours, can you believe it.
Robin tried to resolve the problem at the airport, and I tried to calm the situation at this end.
The outcome is that they found him a seat on the next flight, which should still give him time to make his connection.
When I last spoke to him he was on board, with his guitar, and starting to relax. In fact he was just about to listen to some 'Chicago' on his iPod.
So whilst it can be glamorous and exciting to travel the world, it's not always easy...

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