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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Sting in the Tale

I have had no news yet whether the suitcase arrived in time although I suspect that it didn't. I'll update you as and when I can.
Meanwhile, at home, I was pleased to read an article by Amy Iggulden on the Classical Brit Awards. Sir Paul McCartney and Sting have both been nominated for an award in the best album category. I'm sure that this 'classical crossover' can only help introduce new fans to the whole area. So good luck to them both!
There has been so much happening here over the last few days, that I didn't have the chance to tell you about an evening out we had, prior to Robin's latest trip.
It was the Spring Concert at son number ones school. It is a chance for many of the children to demonstrate their musical skills, with many solo performances, on a variety of instruments. The guitar was well represented, and the drums seemed very popular this year...
However there were two highlights for me.
The first, was the recorder group, 'Mary Poppins Medley'. It wasn't so much that 'proud parent' moment, as the antics on stage. As they progressed through the piece one boy started gyrating, completely out of time, and I was trying to remind myself that he was only 10. They all kept playing, right through to the end, although there was quite a lot of smirking going on, which isn't easy when you are playing the recorder.
I found out later that son number one had spotted a wasp crawling up the trouser leg of this unfortunate boy. He had a dilemma. Did he try and knock it out of the way, or could this have been seen as an unprovoked attack, culminating in a very public battle, which wouldn't have gone down well with the Headmaster.
He chose to wait and see what happened. Consequently, the poor boy was trying to shake the wasp out from his trouser leg whilst continuing to perform. All credit to him, not a wrong note was played!
The second highlight was the upper school choir singing 'All Things Bright and Beautiful', arranged by John Rutter.
The arrangement was fantastic and it was beautifully delivered. We were so impressed at the quality, and amount of work that must have gone into training these 9/10 year olds, that we sent a card in to the music teacher the next day. Unfortunately son number one forgot to give it to her. Oh well, I'll tell her next term.

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