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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Case of the Borrowed Tuxedo....

You can imagine how I felt to see this front page headline in 'The Daily Telegraph' today. It's almost as if the Telegraph have been following the saga!
As David Millward and Paula Sheppard report, BA are the 'worst airline in Europe for losing luggage'.
They are losing 23 bags per 1000 passengers and most of them seem to be Robin's.
Yes, they were responsible for the lost case and guitar only a matter of weeks ago, and the current missing suitcase.
For anyone in the same position, take it from me, the online baggage tracer is a waste of time. It continuously says, 'No information available', and in the last episode we had, it still said that after I'd finally spoken to someone, and they told me it was on the way to our home!
Trying to actually speak to a person is also a nightmare. If you're lucky, you get put 'on hold' and are able to listen to some soothing guitar music, which was infuriating when it was a guitar I was trying to trace, but now, I seem to just get a message saying all the operators are busy, call back later, then the line goes dead. I'm not surprised with the number of bags they're losing.
It's all very tedious and, as yet, Robin is still struggling with a very limited wardrobe.
That's unfortunate as the first of his two concerts is today.
He seems to be keeping his sense of humour though. I had an e mail from him last night saying that he had managed to borrow a tuxedo, which fit him like a glove - it had 5 arms....
The reception area have also lent him a pair of shoes.
I do feel for him, it's hard enough getting up there on stage and playing the notes, without having to worry about your 'thrown together' appearance!
Robin is also currently stalking the decks of the QM2 on the look out for anyone with an Apple computer. He needs to recharge, and, of course, the charger is in the case. So far, he has found two Apple enthusiasts, but they have older models which don't have the nifty magnetic connector that his does.
So if you are reading this on board and have the right charger, please go and find Robin Hill, otherwise our e mails will dry up shortly...


Jessica said...

The airline probably ought to pay you compensation for the cost of buying Robin's essentials while the case is missing...including the tux, I'd think!

Have been on the a hard hat, while it was being built in St Nazaire in 2003. It was hard to tell what it would be like when finished, but as far as it went, it was seriously impressive. I hope Robin's managing to enjoy it despite his missing stuff.

Anna said...

He's doing fine and has managed to get hold of another shirt so that he can go out to eat tonight - post concert!
Oh, I'm really enjoying 'Alicia's Gift', keep writing as he has many more trips planned and they help to pass the time!