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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fort Lauderdale and the Multiple 'Phone Calls

Once again Robin is in Fort Lauderdale. He was only there at the beginning of April! The QE2 docked in Port Everglade, Pier 21, if you are of a nautical persuasion. This is also the day that he jumps ship.
His bags are packed and he has a free day to while away before his flight. Unable to practice, he decided to leave case and guitar in a safe place, and take himself off on a shopping spree.
As this is one of the rare days that we can actually speak to each other, I keep getting 'phone calls telling me of his progress.

1) He's enjoying feeling the land beneath his feet, especially as it is very warm, and sunny.

2)After a short trip into town he found a huge shopping mall. One that he should have been directed to last time he was there when trying to buy clothes to last until his suitcase arrived. The taxi driver told him he was lucky to get out alive from the place he was taken to last time.....

3)He has found a very interesting CD shop where he had purchased a DVD of Joni Mitchell featuring Jaco Pastorius. You will recall that this is Jaco's hometown after all.
Also, a DVD of Chick Corea and some flamenco music.

I look forward to seeing them both, but for now, hopefully, they will keep Robin amused whilst he does some seriously long journeys.
He has more work to do yet, even if it is only to pay for the 'phone calls...

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