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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Miguel Rodriguez 'Churchdoor' passes the Sound Check

Robin has settled in on board ship but there has been little time to relax.
Most of the day has been spent practicing in preparation for his first concert tonight.
He decided to take his Miguel Rodriguez 'Churchdoor' on this trip and was looking forward to trying it out in the theatre.
This afternoon he went along for a sound check and although the acoustics in the theatre were very dry, the Churchdoor was completely unfazed, and produced its usual bright, vibrant and powerful sound.
Robin therefore decided to play unamplified.
He always prefers to, but sometimes it just isn't possible, you just have to try the venue out when you get there and make a decision.
Whilst running through the sound check there were actually a few people sitting in the theatre who gave an enthusiastic round of applause at the end.
Robin told them, 'That's only the rehearsal', so I hope they go back later to hear the real thing.

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