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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New York Calling and Trouble Brewing in the Arts World...

Robin has now docked in New York and talked me through the sites he could see as he walked around the deck. We started with the Statue of Liberty, then Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan. Not bad.
He then went off to pack. That concerned me as he told me he was starting it yesterday. Considering he hasn't had any clothes for most of the trip it made me wonder what he needed to do.
I was quite looking forward to the prospect of only a few pairs of socks and the 'M*I*A*M*I' t-shirt to wash.
He has since informed me that once his case arrived he took great joy in wearing most of its contents.
Oh well.
Back here in the UK, I read an article by Martin Beckford, on the state of funding in the arts world.
Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Master of the Queen's Music, is to express his views at the annual conference of the 'Incorporated Society of Musicians', on Thursday.
Sir Peter, another northerner as he was born in Salford, Lancashire, adds to the list of musicians from this part of the world.
It seems serious problems could develop unless there is an increase in funding prior to the 2012 Olympic Games.
Watch this space.

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