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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Centenary Celebrations for the Scouts and Backwards Bach...

The life of a musician is certainly varied.
This morning Robin found himself taking part in centenary celebrations with the Scout Association.
It was 100 years ago today that Baden-Powell formed the scout movement and the event was marked by scouts in 216 countries and territories renewing their vows at 8am this morning.

As son number one is a cub his local pack had arranged to join in the occasion with a dawn hike up the nearest pike.
The group started their walk at 6.30 in order to be at the top in time to acknowledge the dawn of a new century for scouting.
You can read more about 'Scouting's Sunrise' here.

You can see that it was worth the walk for a lovely view.

On the monument at the top of the pike they found this.
It's nice to see that the graffiti artists of 1885 took a little more time than their modern day counterparts.

Both Robin and son were home again by 10am.
As we relaxed with a cup of coffee Robin showed me the Bach piece that he'd put into his Sibelius programme.
We made a discovery.
You can play the pieces backwards!!!
To save you the trouble of inputting all those notes, if you are lucky enough to have Sibelius that is, I can tell you it sounded pretty good.
I'm sure the same couldn't be said for most compositions but it works with Bach!


Anonymous said...

"We made a discovery.
You can play the pieces backwards!!!"
Have you tried Hoffnung's "Punt Contra Punt"?

Anna said...

Thanks for the comment.
No, we haven't tried that, but we will certainly give it an og....!!