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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Mental And Physical Workout With J.S.Bach

Robin has become obsessed by J.S.Bach.
If he isn't listening to recordings then he is playing it.
As I've said before, Robin doesn't feel he really knows a piece, and certainly wouldn't perform it in public, until he has completed the process of memorisation.

When it comes to Bach this is quite an undertaking.
The pieces are always complex with little repetition to allow the musician any respite.
I measure the amount of neural activity going on in Robin's head by how quickly he completes the daily crossword in our newspaper.
The more he memorises the quicker he gets which just shows how important it is to give your brain plenty of exercise.

Physically it is also a workout.
All Bach pieces are hugely demanding of both the left and right hands.
Fortunately right and left hand exercises form part of Robin's daily workout on the guitar anyway.
In fact the pianist Andras Schiff has said that any time spent in the company of J.S.Bach is never wasted and will always be worthwhile. He also prefers to play Bach than complete technical exercises yet still achieves the same results.
I can understand what he means.

I'm just hoping that all this background Bach that I am hearing will somehow filter through to my brain via some sort of osmosis.
If I could just get to the crossword before him....

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