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Friday, July 06, 2007

Music and the Great Outdoors

This could prove to be an interesting weekend.
Tonight Robin is playing at a charity event - in North Yorkshire.
That in itself is very good.
However, this event is being held in a marquee, and as most people are aware, the UK, especially Yorkshire, is suffering severe flooding.
I was talking to the event organiser the other day, and the area is very wet, but not completely under water.

I'm not sure whether to pack Robin off with his concert clothes, plus wellies, which would cut quite a dash I'm sure.

On Saturday 'Live Earth' gets under way with 24 hours of music hosted by eight cities, London, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Rio De Janeiro, Sydney, New York, Hamburg and Tokyo. Whilst many of these venues should remain dry, London could be in for a wet time.

Then on Sunday, Robin has another outdoor event, at Entwistle Remembrance Park. Whilst he will be seated under a pagoda the audience will be open to all the elements.
It's never easy playing the guitar outside, or in a marquee for that matter, but competing with rain drumming on tarpaulin could prove interesting.
I'll keep you posted.

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