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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter Meets J.S. Bach - Sort of...

We are all a little bleary eyed here at Hillhouse this morning.
Son number one wanted to go to our local Waterstones bookshop at midnight to collect a copy of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'.
As we encourage reading, and wanted him to participate in the 'collective experience', in a mad moment we agreed.

Some years ago when Harry Potter exploded onto the scene, there was great excitement here when Robin was asked to play at the 'Proms in the Park', and was therefore sitting on stage when the John William's score was first performed.

Prior to this expedition I had to go out.
I left the house at 7pm, Robin was in the music room, working on a Bach minuet which is part of one of the many projects currently underway here.
Robin is in the process of recording a number of CDs, one of which is made up entirely of the music of J.S.Bach.
As Robin is frequently away from home, he has to make the most of the times that he is here.

I returned 4 1/2 hours later to find son number one desperately trying to keep his eyes open and Robin in exactly the same position - still practising.
He assured me that he had stopped to put son number two to bed, and when I checked he was in pyjamas, in bed, and asleep, so I had to believe that some adult involvement had taken place.
This was an ideal evening for Robin.
Normally by about 10 or 10.30pm I tend to storm the music room or recording studio and insist it's time to stop.
Last night he was able to pursue his perfect evening unhindered. (Especially as son number one was keeping a very low profile in case he was sent to bed for looking too tired...)

On my return Robin finally put his guitar away at 11.45pm and off they went to purchase the book.
They thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being out at that time of night, despite the presence of local drunks spilling out of the pubs, and taunting the excited shoppers as they waited for the store to open.
When they told their story on their return it reminded me of the blog Kenneth Woods did a few weeks ago about a similar experience.
I can only hope that it has put son number one off excess alcohol consumption when he is a little older and inspired him to much greater things....

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