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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Comfort in Music

Robin has been out playing his guitar today in a rather unusual setting.
I had a call, only a few days ago, asking if he was available to perform this afternoon and we made all the necessary arrangements.
I then went to tell Robin I'd made a booking for July 17th to which he replied, 'That's over a year away, tell me nearer the time.'
I had to inform him, that for this particular event, it was impossible to plan a year in advance.
The booking was for this Tuesday as it was a funeral.

Now, Robin has played at funerals before, but only when they have been close family members. So this was a first.
It's quite strange to be involved in such an intimate occasion when you don't know the person who has died or the family and friends that are grieving.

But music is an ideal way to help people through such a difficult situation and to bring comfort to those in distress.
This was on my mind all day and I found this quote that sums it up:

"When whispering strains do softly steal
With creeping passion through the heart,
And when with every touch we feel
Our pulses beat and bear a part;
When threads can make
A heartstring shake,
Philosophy can scarce deny
The soul consists of harmony."
William Strode (1599-1645)

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